UPO - Using Reportal in UQ Publications Collection

Start Date Start - End Time Venue Places Taken

Duration: 3 hours

Coordinator: Mr Stephen Colhoun

Presenter: Mr Stephen Colhoun

Prerequisite: Unit Publication Officer Annual UQ eSpace Update and the basic training in eSpace as advised on the eSpace Update booking information. It is recommended that the Unit Publication Officers (UPO) also attend the basic training provided by MIS in using the Reportal and have attended the Unit Publication Officer (UPO) - Introduction to UQ Publications Collection.

This course is for UQ staff that who have taken on the role of Unit Publication Officers for the UQ publications collections. UQ Staff must have access to eSpace as a Unit Publication Officer and must have access to the MIS Reportal. This course will introduce the UPO to the Publications Administration reports on the MIS Reportal and explains how to use them to monitor the accuracy of your Unit(s) publication collection for the HERDC and other purposes.

This course will enable participants to:

1. Learn how to confidently run and filter, using Input Controls, the Research Publications reports on the Reportal

2. Use the Research Publications reports on the Reportal, in conjunction with MyUQ eSpace, to compile their School/Centre/Institute Publication submission.