Computer Workstation Assessments

Start Date Start - End Time Venue Places Taken

Duration: 2 hours

Coordinator: Mrs Suzette Dwyer

Presenter: Miss Jolene Cooper

This course is intended for Work Health and Safety Managers/Coordinators appointed in accordance with PPL 2.10.06 Work Health and Safety Co-ordinator Role and Function and PPL 2.10.09 Occupational Health and Safety Manager Role and Function.

This course will provide WHSCs with the knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries and risk factors and the skills to identify, assess and control musculoskeletal injury risk through optimal workstation set-up and work practices.

This course will enable participants to:

1. Identify risk factors for musculoskeletal injuries
2. Adjust workstation components to minimize risk of musculoskeletal injury
3. Communicate the effectiveness of safe work practices in the minimisation of
    musculoskeletal injury risk factors.