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Course enrolments are currently disabled while we transition from Aurion to Workday. Following Workday go-live on 4 October 2021, all staff development courses and learning content will be accessed via the ‘Learning’ worklet in Workday. Information on how to navigate to Workday Learning will be available soon.

If you wish to attend a currently scheduled iteration of this course, please contact the course coordinator listed to request enrolment.

Duration: 0.5 hours

Coordinator: Mr Declan Hughes

Presenter: N/A

The University is committed to comply with applicable laws and Standards, to promote a culture of fair and ethical behaviour and to encourage the reporting of corrupt practices, breaches of the law, and matters detrimental to the University or its reputation. To support this aim, and in alignment with the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 (Qld), the University has adopted a Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct applies to all staff of the University. It is an expectation of the University that contractors will also act in accordance with this Code of Conduct while undertaking work for or on behalf of the University.

This online course supports staff to become familiar with the principles and application of the Code of Conduct. The training and assessment must be completed by all continuing and fixed term staff within 3 months of commencing their employment with The University of Queensland. Refresher training will be required every 2 years. Casual staff are also strongly encouraged to complete the training and the assessment.

This course will enable participants to: 

• Understand why we have a Code of Conduct
• Understand the University’s definition of ethical conduct
• Explore the ethical principles of the Code of Conduct, including practical examples of
  their application
• Understand their responsibilities in relation to the Code, including their own conduct and
   reporting requirements for ethical concerns
• Know where to go for further information or support

Access Code of Conduct Online :  

1. Access the Learning Modules page in Blackboard (UQ login required). You can also access this page by logging in to Learn.UQ and selecting ‘UQ Workplace Inductions and OHS Training’ from under the ‘My Courses’ heading, then using the sidebar menu.

2. Click on ‘Code of Conduct Training’ to complete the module. You do not need to complete the module in a single sitting. You may enter the module as often as you wish.

3. When you have completed the module, use the sidebar menu to select the Assessments page and click on ‘Code of Conduct Assessment’

4. When you complete and submit the multiple-choice assessment you will see a results page indicating whether you have successfully reached the 80% correct threshold to pass. If you are unsuccessful, you may attempt the assessment again.

5. Upon successful completion of this assessment your completion will be recorded on Aurion. You will be able to view your completion in MyAurion (Employee tab > HR Profile > Inductions). You will also receive an email indicating the date of successful completion.

Please note that we are currently experiencing compatibility problems with Google Chrome. If the module fails to load for you please try a different browser.