Introduction to Entrepreneurial Education

Start Date Start - End Time Venue Places Taken
13/05/2021 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM GCI Building no.20,Rm 275 13 of 45 Register

Duration: 2 hours

Coordinator: Ms Yvette Lynch

Presenter: Mrs Eleanor Browne

An entrepreneurial mindset is about transforming the way we think and act to create value in the world, whether as an engaged employee, inspiring leader, research pioneer, driver of social change or creator of the next ‘big thing’. 

This practical workshop introduces the principles of entrepreneurial education and draws on case studies and examples of learning activities and lesson plans to illustrate the breadth and depth across disciplines.  

This course will enable participants to:

1. Develop an understanding of entrepreneurial education 

2. Recognise opportunities for student entrepreneurial learning

3. Review and evaluate a learning activity or assessment with an entrepreneurial education lens

This course is a perfect companion to ‘Design Entrepreneurial Education in the Curriculum’