Recognition and Development

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Duration: 6 hours

Coordinator: Ms Jodee Allanson

Presenter: N/A



Recognition and Development training is currently under review. A new training program will be offered pending the outcome of a pilot early 2017. More information and course dates will be available once the program has been established.

Previously the course has covered managing and supporting a team to achieve identified goals is a core responsibility of supervisors and managers. The Recognition and Development process is a year-round, two-way conversation that supports staff and team performance, including a formal performance appraisal component. This workshop will thoroughly explain the Recognition and Development process, including how to negotiate performance expectations and provide feedback on staff performance.

Required for professional staff supervisors HEW 5-7.

All professional staff supervisors and managers at HEW levels 5 to 7, are required to attend this workshop and these staff will be given priority. Staff who do not supervise others, but are interested in learning more about the Recognition and Development process, should consider attending the "Make the most of Recognition and Development" course.

Professional staff supervisors who have previously completed this course, but would like further development, can also consider attending the Recognition and Development Refresher course.

This course will enable participants to:

1. work through the Recognition and Development (performance appraisal) process with staff
2. establish performance expectations and objectives
3. provide effective feedback on, and recognition for, performance
4. contribute towards a staff member's development and career advancement
5. develop staff within a workplace culture that fosters wellbeing and resilience and accommodates variations in health.

It includes a skill development component, where participants will practice:
- skills for having an annual review discussion 
- having a difficult conversation about performance.