MHFA for the Suicidal Person

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Duration: 4 hours

Coordinator: Dr Kate Smith

Presenter: Dr Kate Smith

The MHFA for the Suicidal Person course (previously called Skills for Suicide Prevention) is designed to build practical skills and improve your confidence to support a person in crisis.

You will learn:

• How to identify warning signs for suicide

• How to confidently support a person in crisis

• How to have a conversation with someone experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours

At the completion of the course you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to safely have a conversation with a suicidal person and ways to keep them safe.

This course consists of 4 hours of face-to-face training. Course participants receive a handbook to keep and receive a digital Certificate of Completion when they submit online feedback.

Any interested staff member can attend. UQ particularly encourages the attendance of managers/supervisors, HR and WHS staff members, and Security officers. Please note that the MHFA for the Suicidal Person Course is not therapy or a support group and is not recommended for individuals recently bereaved or impacted by suicide. It is important that people undertaking the course are feeling relatively robust when they undertake it. 

The course complements the 12-hour Standard MHFA course. This is a stand-alone workshop completion of Standard MHFA training is not a prerequisite for attendance at this training.