UQWCMS UQ Website Content Management System

Start Date Start - End Time Venue Places Taken

Duration: 3 hours

Coordinator: Ms Deborah Roberts

Presenter: Ms Deborah Roberts

PLEASE NOTE: The UQWCMS (UQ Website Content Management System) course is from now only available online. Web Services will no longer run the face-to-face UQWCMS training courses. The UQWCMS training course has been replaced with online self-directed training. The online training course is mandatory for staff who are required to update webpages in the UQWCMS. Registration for the online training course will require you to complete and submit the Online Training Registration form to the Office of Marketing & Communications. This online training course will enable participants to: 1. Create and edit pages using the CMS 2. Learn basic web sitemap principals 3. Learn basic website content management and search engine optimization 4. Link and use images, pdf and other file types 5. Apply basic document and page security on your website.