Warm Welcome Program Welcomer Induction

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Course enrolments are currently disabled while we transition from Aurion to Workday. Following Workday go-live on 4 October 2021, all staff development courses and learning content will be accessed via the ‘Learning’ worklet in Workday. Information on how to navigate to Workday Learning will be available soon.

If you wish to attend a currently scheduled iteration of this course, please contact the course coordinator listed to request enrolment.

Duration: 2 hours

Coordinator: Miss Nadia Bello Rinaudo

Presenter: Mrs Liliana Hernandez Molina

If you're a current UQ staff member who would like to help others settle into life in Australia, you can put in an Expression of Interest to become a Welcomer as part of the Warm Welcome Program. We want to create a large pool of Welcomers and their families from a wide range of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including staff born in Australia. 

As a Welcomer, your activities may include:

• meeting new staff members at the airport and transporting them (and their families) to their accommodation
• introducing new staff to UQ, Brisbane and their new neighbourhood
• providing guidance on Australian cultural norms, considerations and differences
• helping with practical matters such as obtaining a driver’s licence, renting or buying housing, obtaining a credit card or doing grocery shopping
• sharing a meal, attending a sporting or cultural event, or going on another form of social outing
• providing ongoing support through the transition to Australia and UQ.

If your EOI to become a Welcomer has been accepted, you are invited to attend a two-hour induction session covering the role and responsibilities of a Welcomer, including managing funds, cultural awareness, skill development in diversity and inclusion, and cross-cultural communication. As part of the induction, you will also need to complete the online Cultural Competence Program.

This induction course will enable participants to: 

- Participate as a Welcomer in the Warm Welcome Program
- Understand their Welcomer roles and responsibilities
- Be a good Welcomer
- Understand cultural diversity.