SI-net Graduations

Start Date Start - End Time Venue Places Taken

Duration: 3 hours

Coordinator: Mr Alex Rohan

Presenter: Mr Alex Rohan

You must complete SI-net Fundamentals as a prerequisite course prior to attending SI-net Graduations.

This course is run centrally.

Graduations training is designed to enable School and Faculty staff in conducting graduations checking. The course will enable participants to understand the Graduations module within SI-net and have the ability to update a student's graduation requirements.

Training incorporates theoretical based learning competencies to ensure participants can apply the trained skills in their actual workplace. Training attendance is linked to SI-net access so only trained staff have access.

This course will train Faculty/School staff on how to:

1. Update Student's Graduation Information and will cover the four following processes:
    Search for a student's graduation record, update the graduation status, update the course
    and milestone graduations requirements, update honours & class and weighted
    mark average.
2. Generate Graduation Advisement Transcript (GAT) report.