SI-net Maintaining Student Grades

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Duration: 3 hours

Coordinator: Mr Alex Rohan

Presenter: Mr Alex Rohan

You must complete SI-net Fundamentals & SI-net Records & Enrolments as prerequisite courses prior to attending SI-net Maintaining Student Grades.

This course is run centrally only when required. Please try to arrange training with your SI-net expert user before enrolling in the course.

SI-net is the University's student administration system, is a database storing all aspects of student data (application for admission, enrolment, progression, financial, etc.) online.

Maintain Student Grades training will instruct staff how to electronically download class lists, record grades, upload grades, override individual grades, special & supplementary exams & manage incomplete results.

Training incorporates theoretical and practical-based learning competencies to ensure staff can apply the skills at work. Training attendance is linked to SI-net access so only trained staff have access.

This course will enable participants to:

1. download class lists
2. validate and upload grades via SI-net
3. produce standard reports from SI-net
4. modify grades and enter special / supplementary exam results via the
    Enrolment Request page
5. enter and monitor incomplete results.