SI-net Change Program/Plan

Start Date Start - End Time Venue Places Taken

Duration: 3 hours

Coordinator: Mr Alex Rohan

Presenter: Mr Alex Rohan

You must complete SI-net Fundamentals & SI-net Records and Enrolments as prerequisite courses prior to attending SI-net Change Program/Plan.

This course is run centrally only when required. Please try to arrange training with your SI-net expert user before enrolling in the course.

SI-net is the University's student administration system, is a database storing all aspects of student data (application for admission, enrolment, progression, financial, etc.) online.

Change Program/Plan training explains the processes involved in discontinuing/suspending a program, changing a program via SI-net, changing a program from a single program, dual program or ad hoc combination.

Training incorporates theoretical and practical-based learning competencies to ensure these skills can be applied back at work. Training attendance is linked to SI-net so only trained staff have access.

This course will enable participants to: 

1. understand the process involved in discontinuing/suspending a program 
2. change a program from a single, dual or ad hoc combination 
3. develop the knowledge to use the various program actions and action reasons as required 
4. change a student's academic plan.