Functioning as a Work Health & Safety Advisor

Start Date Start - End Time Venue Places Taken

Duration: 42 hours

Coordinator: Mrs Kylie Middleton

Presenter: Mr David Randall

This course runs over 7 non-consecutive full days -  8.30am to 4.30pm

Day 1 - 29 May
Day 2 - 30 May
Day 3 - 31 May
Day 4 - 1 June
Day 5 - 2 June
Day 6 - 12 July
Day 7 - 13 July

Prerequisite/RPL - Must be appointed as a Safety Manager/Coordinator in accordance with PPL 2.10.06 Work Health and Safety Co-ordinator Role and Function or PPL 2.10. 09 Occupational Health and Safety Manager Role and Function.

For course registration please download the Expression of Interest Form by selecting 'register' via the blue button above. Forward completed applications to the OHS Division at at least one week prior to course commencement. The OHS Division will advise you if your application has been successful or unsuccessful prior to course commencement. Contact the OHS Division on #52365 for assistance.

This course will enable participants to:
1. Advise Officers/Managers about the overall state of health and safety at the workplace
2. Conduct inspections at the workplace to identify any hazards and unsafe or unsatisfactory work health and safety conditions and practices
3. Report to Officers/Managers any hazard or unsafe or unsatisfactory work health and safety practice identified during inspections
4. Establish appropriate educational programs in work health and safety
5. Investigate, or assist the investigation of, all work injuries and illnesses, including notifiable incidents (deaths, serious injury or illness and dangerous incidents)
6. Help inspectors in the performance of  the inspectors' duties
7. Report the injury, illness, event or risk to Managers if any work injury, work caused.