Fraud & Corruption Awareness - online module

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Duration: 0.5 hours

Coordinator: Mr Brad Rees

Presenter: N/A

This online module is mandatory for all staff. New staff must complete within three months of commencement. 

Fraud and corruption can occur at any workplace and is not just about staff running off with millions of dollars.  This course will introduce you to what fraud and corruption looks like, what types of fraud and corruption can occur at UQ and equip you with skills to manage or respond to these situations.  

This training will provide you with examples of typical situations in a university context for you to make decisions about and will describe the red flags which are often present in these cases.  Also included are real life situations in universities and the public sector where fraud or corruption has occurred and been reported in the media.

Access the module:  

1. Access the Learning Modules page in Blackboard (UQ login required). You can also access this page by logging in to Learn.UQ and selecting ‘UQ Workplace Inductions and OHS Training’ from under the ‘My Courses’ heading, then using the sidebar menu.

2. Click on ‘Fraud and Corruption Awareness – Training Module’ to complete the module. You do not need to complete the module in a single sitting. You may enter the module as often as you wish.

3. When you have completed the module, use the sidebar menu to select the Assessments page and click on ‘Fraud and Corruption test’.

4. When you complete and submit the multiple-choice assessment you will see a results page indicating whether you have successfully reached the 80% correct threshold to pass. If you are unsuccessful, you may attempt the assessment again.

5. Upon successful completion of this assessment your completion will be recorded on Aurion. You will also receive an email indicating the date of successful completion.

This course will enable participants to: 

• Understand the importance of enforcing controls and being diligent with approver
• Identify situations where fraud or corruption may occur
• Identify employees at risk of committing fraud or corruption
• Respond appropriately if fraud or corruption is witnessed or uncovered. 

If you have any queries regarding this online training please contact Brad Rees, Integrity and Investigations Unit on 336 52927 or email: