Conflict of Interest Awareness - online module

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Duration: 0.5 hours

Coordinator: Mr Ashley Rossiter

Presenter: N/A

Conflicts of Interest (COI) can occur from time to time in the workplace and it is important for staff to understand what they need to do should they have a COI or supervise someone who does. A COI is not seen as a negative issue but rather, something that should be disclosed and managed. It only becomes an issue if it is not declared and managed in an appropriate and transparent manner. The purpose of the training is to help improve understanding of the University’s approach of identifying, declaring, managing and monitoring a COI. 

Access the module:

1. Click on the following link to access the ‘Conflict of Interest Awareness Training Module’ module in Learn.UQ. You do not need to complete the module in a single sitting. You may enter the module as often as you wish.

Access the assessment:

2. When you have completed the module, select the following ‘**Assessments**’ link to complete the ‘Conflict of Interest Awareness test’.

3. When you complete and submit the multiple-choice assessment you will see a results page indicating whether you have successfully reached the 80% correct threshold to pass. If you are unsuccessful, you may attempt the assessment again.

4. Upon successful completion of this assessment your completion will be recorded on Aurion. You will also receive an email indicating the date of successful completion.

This course will enable participants to understand the following:

i. Define a COI;

ii. Identify a COI;

iii. Disclose a COI;

iv. Manage a COI; 

v. Monitor a COI;

vi. Roles and responsibilities for staff and supervisors; and

vii. Potential consequences for non-compliance.

If you have any questions regarding the online training please contact Ashley Rossiter, Principal Investigator, Integrity and Investigations Unit on 334 31392 or email: