IT Project Management at UQ - IT PM Induction

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Duration: 1 hour

Coordinator: Mrs Elizabeth Wardrop

Presenter: Mrs Elizabeth Wardrop

Following on from Project Management at UQ - PM Induction, this session specifically leads IT project managers through project delivery requirements as specified in the ITS Project Management Framework.  At the end of this course Project Managers should understand the relevance for their projects, and an appreciation of the purpose and benefits of the governance and reporting requirements for IT Projects. 

This training is not designed to teach content specific to the project management discipline itself, the IT Project Management Induction is specifically related to project management requirements and expectations in the UQ IT context.   

• Understand the context in which projects/programs are undertaken at UQ.

• Gain familiarity with frameworks, templates, governance, reporting, and assurance applicable to the project delivery role.

• Understand the purpose and value to the University of frameworks, governance, reporting and assurance. 

It is recommended that you attend Project Management at UQ - PM Induction prior to attending this training. 

Courses running via Zoom: the course coordinator listed against this course will email the Zoom link a day or two prior to course commencement.