Managing & Leading People in a Research Context

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Duration: 4 hours

Coordinator: N/A

Presenter: Professor Gregory Monteith

Open to all Researchers Level A and above, including Professional staff equivalent. Research projects require some particular approaches for managing people. This module explores the ongoing management of the research team and allied contributors, and looks at associated management issues that may arise, particularly within the distinctive research context of constrained periods of employment and tight timelines.

Please note this course has been adapted from the previous Go8 Future Research Leaders program. This is being run as an individual course and is no longer part of a series.

This module will enable participants to:

1. identify the characteristics of a culture in which research teams identify and achieve appropriate goals;

2. understand the relevance of different leadership styles in a research context and the stages in team development;

3. introduce key characteristics of effective communication, negotiation skills and teams;

4. understand your responsibilities in creating a safe equitable workplace for the team;

5. provide tools and skills for researchers to plan and monitor activities to meet the requirements of the research plan.