Virtual Classroom (Zoom)

Start Date Start - End Time Venue Places Taken
27/11/2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Learn Innov Bld#17,rm 425 0 of 15 Register

Duration: 2 hours

Coordinator: Ms Ailsa Dickie

Presenter: Mrs Iliria Stenning

Zoom is UQ's virtual classroom/meeting system. In this course you will develop an understanding of how to facilitate a collaborative virtual classroom environment using Zoom. Participants will familiarise themselves with the use of chat, webcams and breakout rooms for communication with students. Participants will also learn how to share their screen and applications, as well as use an interactive virtual whiteboard. 

This course will enable participants to: 

1. Appreciate the range of possibilities for the use of virtual classrooms.
2. Setup and manage a virtual classroom.
3. Use different communication and feedback methods.
4. Share screens and applications, as well as use the virtual whiteboard.
5. Record virtual classroom sessions.