Embedding Employability Development

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Duration: 2 hours

Coordinator: Ms Anna Richards

Presenter: Ms Anna Richards

This workshop will help you develop an understanding of employability as a learning process, and will assist you to develop strategies for embedding employability development, and for supporting reflective practices in students' approaches to learning in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

As employability is now a critical part of UQ's new student strategy, staff across the university play an important role in supporting student employability development.

The course will be facilitated by Anna Richards who worked on UQ's employability project and the UQx Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), EMPLOY101x Unlocking your employability.

This course will enable participants to:

- Develop an understanding of employability and UQ's approach to student
  employability development
- Recognise opportunities for student employability development within and outside of
  the curriculum
- Develop strategies for embedding employability into curricular and extra-curricular activities
- Apply self-reflective processes to experiences and activities and consider ways to use these
  processes to support students' reflective practices for employability.

As part of Professional Learning at UQ, ITaLI have developed additional resources to support workshops. These resources offer on-line self-paced learning for those who cannot attend face-to-face sessions. 

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