Career & Personal Development - Professional Women

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Duration: 24 hours

Coordinator: Miss Jordan Tredinnick

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Is your career stalling and you aren't sure why? Are you looking to expand your career options? Have you experienced any career interruptions?

The Career and Personal Development for Professional Women program aims to provide women employed by UQ at HEW levels 1-8 (including research-only) with an opportunity to develop their personal skills to assist their career growth and progression.

The program objectives are:
1. Provide participants with the personal skills to develop an authentic personal and professional brand to assist in their career growth and progression.
2. Develop and build on participant's CV, provide skills and techniques for addressing selection criteria and performing well in interviews.
3. Develop goal setting and career planning techniques for participants to develop a career strategy.
4. Provide techniques for effective communication and establishing assertiveness to improve participant's presentation and negotiation skills.
5. Utilise peer-coaching and supervisor-mentoring to provide a support network for participants for their growing career.

The program is delivered over six non-consecutive half day sessions over a period of 4-6 months. It is a requirement of the program that participants attend all six sessions.

The program is facilitated by Ms Denise Carew, who has decades of experience and expertise in career and personal development. Denise will guide participants through the six sessions, taking you on a journey of self-development and expanding the potential for your career growth.

Each session will cover a different theme. These are:
1. Self-awareness: getting to know yourself (and how great it is that we're all different)
2. The brand YOU: defining and displaying your personal and professional brand
3. Career strategy and goal setting: decide where you want to go and how you'll get there
4. Communicating with influence, credibility and confidence: explore and enhance your communication style
5. The resilient and confident you: taking care of yourself, managing your energy, and coping with challenges
6. Presenting yourself: influencing how you're perceived in person, in a CV and at interview.

There will be activities and work to be completed in between each session, as each session builds on the next. You will need to be prepared to complete this work in between sessions in order to be successful in the program.

The 2017 dates of the program are:

Day 1/6 - Friday - 3 March 17 - 9am to 1pm

Day 2/6 - Friday - 31 March 17 - 9am to 1pm-  CANCELLED due to extreme weather

Day 2/6 - Friday - 28 April 17 - 9am to 1pm

Day 3/6 - Friday - 19 May 17 - 9am to 1pm

Day 4/6 - Friday - 16 June 17 - 9am to 1pm

Day 5/6 - Friday - 14 July 17 - 9am to 1pm

Day 6/6 - Friday - 28 July 17 - 9am to 1pm

This program is designed to provide support, skills and knowledge to participants to assist in their personal and career development. To apply for this program please complete the application form by clicking on the register button. Applications open 1 January 2017 and will close Friday 17th February 2017 (close date extended), COB. Please forward your completed application form onto Ms Jordan Tredinnick, Equity and Diversity Consultant on

For more information about the program go to website. Your application to this program does not guarantee your position in the program, as places are limited. The panel will consider your responses to these questions, your availability AND your supervisor's support to select suitable participants. Women from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, women with a disability and women from underrepresented areas are encouraged to apply and will be given priority. For further information please contact Ms Jordan Tredinnick, Equity and Diversity Consultant on