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Duration: 4 hours

Coordinator: Mrs Suzette Dwyer

Presenter: N/A

Every team has an atmosphere, which influences everyone in it and everyone interacting with it. Technology, time pressure, resource limits and social media have all increased the intensity and speed at which we do business.

A team needs the agility to do more with less, creating stronger results at a faster pace. Streamlining and focusing a collaboration of individual strengths is a powerful opportunity to create a level of excellence you may not have considered possible. You don't know what you don't know!

This presentation focuses on equipping individuals to build attitudes and habits that create excellence and embrace unique strengths. You can then blend that into the fabric of a high performance environment.

This course will enable participants to:


  • Work together more effectively as a team
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Build a resourceful and resilient approach to change
  • Build a Valentine's Day relationship with technology.


This workshop has an emphasis on promoting individual mental health through positive behaviours and is congruent with the psychological health focus of the UQ Wellness Program.